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We're a team of engineers and product managers. We build apps to make our own lives more efficient, productive, and fun. Join us and 10,000+ organizations using Brash Apps.

GPT For Forms

Create entire Google Forms ™ quizzes with a single prompt.

Undo Sent Email

Unsend or recall an email sent within your organization.

Awesome Files

Bulk copy folders and files in Google Drive ™.

Request Files

The app that lets others drop files into your Google Drive ™

Mint Forms

Send Slack notifications or create Calendar events when a Form is submitted.

QR Code for Google Forms™

Generate QR code links to your Google Forms ™

About us

Enhancing Google Workspace and Slack Through Our App Development

Like many professionals, we utilize Google Workspace and Slack on a daily basis and greatly value the experiences they offer. However, we've noticed potential for further enhancement in both platforms. Instead of waiting for improvements or for someone else to develop the right apps, we've taken matters into our own hands. We are actively developing and contributing apps to both the Google Workspace Marketplace and the Slack App Directory, enhancing these platforms one app at a time.