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Slack Notifications For Google Forms™

Streamlining Your Forms Workflow

Slack Notifications for Google Forms™ is a powerful Google Workspace™ Add-on that enables you to effortlessly create Slack notifications from your Google Forms™ data.

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How it works

With Slack Notifications for Google Forms™, you can seamlessly integrate your Google Forms™ with Slack to enhance collaboration and efficiency.

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step 1

Install and Set Up the Add-On

Ensure that you have the add-on installed in your Google Workspace™. Access it by opening a form, clicking on the "Add-ons" menu, and selecting "Slack Notifications for Google Forms™". Populate and map the important fields, save the settings, and you're ready to go!
step 2

Form Submission by Colleagues

Share the form with your team members, allowing them to easily fill it out and submit. Once a form is submitted, you'll receive a notification in Slack™.
step 3

Check the Channel in Slack

Stay updated and informed by checking the designated Slack channel. Receive instant notifications for new customer inquiries or orders, and set reminders for upcoming tasks or events using Google Forms™.
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Frequently asked questions

How do I install the Slack Notifications for Google Forms™ add-on?

To install the add-on, make sure you have Google Workspace™ and follow the installation instructions provided.

Can I customize the Slack notifications?

Yes, you can customize the notifications to include specific form responses or fields of interest.

Is there a limit to the number of notifications I can receive?

There is no limit to the number of notifications you can receive. Stay connected and informed at all times.

Can I use this add-on for multiple forms?

Absolutely! You can use Slack Notifications for Google Forms™ for multiple forms within your Google Workspace™.

Can I receive Slack notifications for form submissions?

Yes, if you've set up notifications in the add-on’s settings.

How secure is the integration between Google Forms™ and Slack?

The integration is secure and follows industry best practices to protect your data and ensure privacy.

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