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Mint Forms

Streamlining Your Forms Workflow

Mint Forms, a Google Workspace Add-on, enables users to swiftly create calendar events and Slack notifications from Google Forms data.

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How it works

Mint Forms automates the creation of calendar events and Slack notifications based on the data submitted through Google Forms, making it ideal for scheduling meetings, setting reminders, and notifying team members.

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step 1

Install and Set Up the Add-On

Ensure Mint Forms is installed in your Google Workspace. Access it by opening a form, clicking on the “Add-ons” menu, and selecting “Mint Forms”. Ensure important fields are correctly populated and mapped, then save your settings.
step 2

Form Submission by Colleagues

Share your form with team members who can fill it out and submit it. The form can be used for creating calendar events, Slack notifications, setting reminders, and more.
step 3

Check Your Google Calendar and/or Slack

Upon form submission, an event is automatically created on the form owner's calendar and the calendar of the person whose email was provided. The event includes all details from the form. If set up, you'll also receive a Slack notification.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need Google Workspace to use this add-on?

Yes, this add-on is designed for Google Workspace.

Can I create both calendar events and Slack notifications?

Yes, Mint Forms allows you to create both based on form data.

Can I use this add-on to set reminders?

Absolutely, it's ideal for setting reminders (as Slack notifications or as Calendar events) for upcoming tasks or events.

Will the event details be included in the calendar event?

Yes, all details provided in the form will be included in the event.

Can I receive Slack notifications for form submissions?

Yes, if you've set up notifications in the add-on’s settings.

Is this add-on free?

Yes, it's free to use.

Don't wait any longer

Streamline your workflow with Mint Forms. Install the add-on today and automate your scheduling and notifications.