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GPT for Forms


Effortlessly generate questions and answers for your Google Forms with the help of ChatGPT using the GPT for Forms Google Workspace add-on.

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How it works

GPT for Forms simplifies form creation by generating questions and answers based on your input, making it ideal for creating quizzes, surveys, assessments, and feedback forms.

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step 1

Install and Access the Add-On. Enter Your Topic.

Ensure the GPT for Forms add-on is installed in your Google Workspace. Access it by opening a form, clicking on the “Add-ons” menu, and selecting “GPT for Forms”.
step 2

Generate Questions and Answers

Quickly generate questions and answers for your Google Forms. Provide your question, select the question type, specify the number of answers to be generated, and indicate the correct answers. Hit the “Generate Choices” button when ready.
step 3

Add to Your Google Form

Once your questions and answers are created, click on the “Add to Form” button. The newly generated data will be added to your form.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need Google Workspace to use this add-on?

Yes, this add-on is designed for Google Workspace.

Can I specify the correct answers?

Yes, you can provide your own correct answers.

Can I choose the type of questions to generate?

Absolutely, you can select the question type during the generation process.

Can this add-on generate multiple answers?

Yes, you can specify the number of answers to be generated.

Can I use this add-on for any type of form?

Yes, it's ideal for any form requiring questions and answers.

Is this add-on free?

It's free to use with paid premium features

Don't wait any longer

Revolutionize your form creation process with GPT for Forms. Install the add-on today and experience the ease of automated question and answer generation.