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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Abe Ott Privacy Policy

Your privacy and data are important to us. Our privacy policy is as follows:

Information we collect

Through the Lincoln Labs’ Integrations for Slack, we store anonymized statistical data (Slack UserId, TeamId, Event type and time) for the purpose of providing you with various services. We also have access to and may process and/or display data available through the Slack OAuth scopes that Abe Ott accesses. The data available through these scopes can be reviewed in Slack’s API documentation. We may access email addresses from users of the Service. We do not sell those email addresses but may use them to send information about Lincoln Labs’ services, maintenance, changes to services, and new features.

Privacy communication

We are committed to ensuring that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained. Lincoln Labs’ customers should include their own terms of use and privacy policy. We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.


Lincoln Labs only processes customer data after receiving explicit consent via Slack authorization.


Information we hold

Lincoln Labs collects personal data solely for the purpose of providing the service, and only with the consent of the user. Abe Ott processes the following types of personal data:

      • Slack user profile

      • Slack conversations history

      • Message exchanged with Slack user

    Lincoln Labs stores the following types of anonymized statistical data:

        • Slack User Id

        • Slack Team Id

        • Slack event type

        • Slack event time

      When we no longer have a legitimate need to process your information, we will delete, or isolate your information, whichever is appropriate in our reasonable opinion.

      Data retention policy and time period for which we retain the data

      As a part of our business, we will retain anonymized statistical data while you are a customer of Lincoln Labs. After you cease to be our customer, we will retain your anonymized statistical data for an additional 12 month period. This is done to fulfil our legal obligations, protect our legitimate interests, and as part of our backup system. After the expiration of this period, we will remove your data from our storage.

      Data archiving and removal policy

      You can request for deletion by emailing

      Individuals’ rights

      Abe Ott (a product of Lincoln Labs) upholds our customers’ rights:

          • Right to be informed: we are transparent about how we use your data.

          • Right of access: our users can request access to all their data from services

          • Right of rectification: our users can request any personal data be rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete.

          • Right to restrict processing: we don’t process the data of our customers or our customers’ end-users.

          • Right of erasure: our users can request to have personal data erased.

          • It’s as simple as contacting us, we’ll process all your erasure queries

          • Right to data portability: our users can request an export of their personal data.

          • Right to object: our users can contact us at any time with regards to this matter.

          • Rights related to automation & profiling: we do not use your data for automation or profiling.

        Subject access requests

        We will respond within 30 days to support requests about users’ rights.

        Lawful basis for processing personal data

        Abe Ott obtains personal data from your Slack team after explicit consent when you add Lincoln Labs’ services to your Slack account. It is your responsibility as a Lincoln Labs customer to ensure any data you otherwise collect through Abe Ott’s messages is obtained lawfully.


        Abe Ott requires a minimum age of 16. This is indirectly enforced due to our integration with Slack. You must have a Slack account in order to set up an account with Lincoln Labs’ services, and Slack also requires a minimum age of 16.

        Data breaches

        Lincoln Labs takes seriously the security and privacy of your data. In the event of a data breach, we will notify our users and pertinent sub-processors immediately after discovering and fixing the breach.


        Lincolnlabs,inc is based in the United States, so rules regarding operation within EU member states do not apply.

        If you notice anything missing, please notify us and we will immediately take steps to rectify this documentation or compliance.